AEI is equipped with the most advanced equipment to support our production capabilities including:


  • YAMAHA YS12F Intelligent SMT PNP Systems
  • APS Gold-Place L Series Pick & Place Systems
  • APS Gold Manual Pick & Place Systems
  • BTU Pyramax 7-Zone Oven (RoHS capable) w/ KIC THERMAL Profiling
  • Glenbrook X-Ray Machine
  • Metcal Solder Stations
  • Ultra-Kool Vapor Degreasers/Defluxers
  • Zero Ion Ionic Contamination Test Stations
  • Schleuiger Wire Prep Machines
  • Infra-Red Solder Station
  • Bausch and Lomb Optical Stations
  • Unit Design MDS Series Through Hole Soldering System
  • Zebra 110Xi4 Label Printing System
  • Trotec Speedy 300 Laser Engraving Machine


Yamaha YS12F Video